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Many subject areas are available! Content Set CD subject areas include:

Health and Prevention



Social Studies

Toolkit (Add Bonus Questions and Resources to Content Sets)

Students excel with PowerZone! Capture their attention with multimedia action, team play, and game suspense. In a PowerZone "quiz bowl" event, challenging questions—combined with music, animation, special effects, game clocks, and scoreboards—create an exciting atmosphere for success.

An ideal resource! PowerZone complements any textbook or curriculum—it's terrific for both unit previews and reviews. Concepts and lessons are reinforced with thought-provoking questions and instructional feedback. Research-based educational strategies prepare your students to excel—whether in the classroom or on "high stakes" test.

Generate enthusiasm! Create teams within your class or challenge another group to some friendly, academic match play. As your students discover the PowerZone experience—whether in teams or on their own—success and fun are waiting for them. Fascinating graphics, fast-paced animation, compelling music, and special effects engage today's tech-savvy teens. Discover multimedia power when your students enthusiastically respond to your most important subject matter.

Motivation and Preparation Make the Difference. PowerZone motivates students to prepare for top performance. Throughout a course of study, unit, midterm, and end-of-term sessions serve as culminating events. Students prepare for game days by creating "lifeline" notebooks for use during contests. They learn preparation makes the difference!

Startup is Point-and-Click Easy. Click spheres to select session settings and let the fast-paced PowerZone event begin.

Teams Collaborate for Success. Teams select a game token for their identity. As play progresses, members collaborate to sort out the facts and examine the concepts. A team atmosphere flourishes as all members become engaged, participate, and contribute to their success.

Content Adapts to Needs. Hundreds of carefully designed questions are already organized for easy selection and use. Create your question mix by clicking on specific topics, national standards, or chapters of leading textbooks. To personalize PowerZone even further, use the Toolkit to enter your own bonus questions and presentation resources.

Design Your Session. PowerZone puts you in control. Set the game length to your time schedule. Set question pace to challenge your students. For different instructional purposes, select from three PowerZone modes: Extra Questions adds more content during a session; Extra Media uses more game elements and multimedia fun; Assessment uses tracking and reporting to provide an ideal alternative to traditional assessment.

Engage Students. As teams strive for points, game strategy—combined with skill and knowledge—creates an unpredictable and suspense-filled contest. Random chances for double points, occasional setbacks, and advancement to higher levels make the contest even more engaging.

Challenge Student Thinking. Questions and responses are carefully crafted to assess student understanding of content. Teams examine facts, analyze concepts, and use their "lifeline" notebooks to select winning responses. Correct and incorrect answers receive appropriate feedback, including frequent instructional clues to stimulate thinking.

Focus on Student Success. The computer serves as the scoreboard, timer, narrator, and game manager, allowing you to focus on what counts: the learning needs and success of your students.

Discover Instructional Opportunities. PowerZone sessions include convenient intermissions and opportunities to evaluate overall performance and target content for additional review. To address class needs, redisplay questions answered either correctly or incorrectly. During a game, use time-outs for those "teachable moments" and on-the-spot discussions.

Use 2Know!™ classroom responders or NEO 2™ Laptops . Responder use is fully integrated, adding a new dynamic to PowerZone sessions. Just click the Responder Option to set up a session. Students use responders to answer questions, receive immediate, personal feedback. Individual and class reports are easily generated.

System Requirements: Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista or Macintosh OS X (10.2.8 or later); 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM recommended.




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