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Stress Management

Stress Management Title Screen

Stress Management-Assess Your Stress

Stress Management-REM


Assess current stress levels using interactive interviews! And learn a healthy balance to reduce stress overloads through practicing direct and positive communication about sensitive emotions.

Featured activities:

A Healthy Balance
Get introduced to managing stress!

Fight or Flight
What happens to your body when you feel stress? Learn several approaches for dealing with the physical energy that results from stress and the difference between chronic and episodic stress.

Assess Your Stress
Test your own stress level, considering both stressors and protective factors, such as social support. Analyze what is causing stress and examine specific symptoms pertaining to your body, mind, and physical actions.

Great Ways To Reduce Stress
Check out eight tips for reducing a stress overload. Some of these tips involve taking action and talking to people, while others focus on personal habits, such as drinking and smoking.

Cool the Caffeine Calamity
Get Relief with Relaxation
Nix the Nicotine Nerves
Talk About It
Excess Stress? Exercise!
Don't Say Yes to Stress
Get Your ZZZ's and REM's

Straight Talk
Learn to say what is on your mind without yelling, blaming, accusing or putting someone else down. Express uncomfortable emotions—such as anger and hurt—by writing an imaginary letter or making up a conversation with someone who is causing stress.

What is Straight Talk?
Write an Imaginary Letter
-Mad Letter
-Hurt Letter
-Confused Letter
-Worried Letter
-Scared Letter
Try an Imaginary Conversation
-Talk About Something Unfair
-Talk About Something Upsetting
-Talk About Something You Need
-Talk About the Way You Feel
-Talk About Your Opinions
Straight Talk Quick Review
When to Use Straight Talk


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