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Smoking-The Addictive Truth

Smoking Title Screen

Smoking-Truth About Tobacco

Smoking-Dealing with Pressure


While learning about tobacco use, listen to other teen views on Radio TLK, analyze media messages, evaluate reasons teens pressure each other, and identify strategies for dealing with pressure and making important decisions based on a step-by-step model.

Featured activities:

The Tobacco Game
Play a highly interactive board game with hidden bonus and penalty squares! Answer factual questions about tobacco use, its relationship with health and disease, and how habits are promoted among teens.

Teen Views On Radio TLK
Tune in to a radio talk show with a teen panel and callers! Focus on how important issues—such as looks, performance, health, self-esteem, self-control, social and family relationships—are affected by tobacco use. Discuss the questions integrated into the dialogue.

The Truth About Tobacco
The focus is on the facts:

Immediate effects of tobacco
Chewing tobacco/dipping snuff
Breathing other people's smoke
Women and smoking
Pipes and cigars
Effects on the lungs
Effects on the heart
Chemicals in tobacco

Dealing with Pressure
Focus on three important strategies:

Media Pressure
Analyze media messages and think about what influences people to make certain decisions.

People Pressure
Evaluate reasons teens pressure each other, and identify strategies for dealing with the pressure.

Making Decisions
Examine a step-by-step decision-making model to form a solid approach to choosing the best personal decision. Learn the critical step of weighing all the pros and cons.


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