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Peace Talks






Peace Talks helps young people avoid dangerous situations, handle their own emotions, and use conflict resolution skills to defuse potentially violent confrontations. Filmed in schools across the U.S., this series addresses the real issues of violence that teens face in school, on the streets, and even at home. These programs are refreshingly hopeful with real solutions to the challenges and problems that affect young lives.

1. Preventing Violence (40141)
2. Resolving Conflicts (40241)
3. Managing Your Anger (40341)
4. Dealing With Bullies, Troublemakers, and Dangerous Situations (40441)
5. Respecting Yourself and Others (40541)
6. Handling Dating Pressures and Harassment (40641)
7. Bridging Racial Divisions (40741)
8. Handling Peer Pressure and Gangs (40841)
9. Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns: Triggers to Violence (40941)
10. Stepping Up To Peace (41041)

Peace Talks Series (40041)

Close-captioned. Discussion guides included. Videos are 25-30 minutes in length.

- U.S. International Film and Video Festival Gold Camera Award
- Learning Magazine Teacher's Choice Award
- Chicago International Film Festival Silver Plaque Award



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