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Human Sexuality 2-Respect and Responsibility


Human Sexuality 2 Title Screen

Human Sexuality 2 Soap Operas

Human Sexuality 2 Teen Views


Consider sexuality in the larger context of relationships, communications, and decision-making. Anticipate situations teens experience, and find how to be assertive to avoid unwanted pressure. Focus on respect and responsibility!

Featured activities:

Teen Views
Find out about teen views in a national survey about ranking life's priorities. The results are often a surprise to adults (especially parents).

Soap Operas
In three vignettes anticipate situations where sexual pressure might be applied, and then discover how to be assertive.

- First Date Disaster
- What a Jerk! I Said NO!
- Why? Don't You Like Me?

Tough Choices
What are the consequences of sexual risk-taking? Make the decisions for a couple. Learn about the importance of communication and responsibility.

Myths and Reality Game
Confront the myths about sex, risks of pregnancy, ways to prevent pregnancy, consequences of pregnancy, and STDs! Play alone or in pairs or teams at different levels.


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