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HIV/AIDS Title Screen


HIV/AIDS-Maze Game


Get the facts on behaviors related to virus transmission and the psycho-social aspects and interpersonal effects of HIV/AIDS. Debunk the myths! And evaluate risk factors.

Featured activities:

Tip of the Iceberg
Learn the most basic facts and symptoms concerning HIV/AIDS, and that it is preventable by not taking risks.

Risk Assessment
Use the engaging and interactive interview to describe a lifestyle and the related probability of contracting HIV.

The AIDS Advisor
Get some advice on some of the psycho-social and interpersonal aspects of HIV and AIDS. Each letter answers a different question teens frequently ask.

Information about HIV
- How the virus works

- When does infection become AIDS?
- Can you tell by looking?
- Safe from HIV when playing contact sports?
- Treatments for people with HIV
- No cure yet
- HIV “cocktails”
- Babies and HIV

AIDS prevention
- Who can get AIDS?
- Latex versus natural condoms
- Spermicides and condoms
- Condom failures
- Clean needles
- Body piercing/tattooing

AIDS and drugs
- Alcohol and HIV infection
- Shooting drugs and AIDS
- Clean needles

AIDS and sex
- Safer sex
- Monogamy and safer sex
- French kissing
- What is protection?
- Talking about sexual past
- Oral sex
- Anal sex

Testing for AIDS
- How to decide to be tested
- How are you tested?
- Antibodies
- Accuracy of HIV antibody testing
- Understanding the results

The AIDS Maze Game
Know the facts to play the game and get through the maze successfully.



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