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Alcohol and Other Drugs 2

Alcohol and Other Drugs 2

Alcohol and Other Drugs 2-Stay on Track

Alcohol and Other Drugs 2-You Bet Your Life


Develop decision-making skills and discover the interrelationship of choice, risk, real and random consequences, and responsibility.

Featured activities:

How Dependency Happens
Clarify myths surrounding dependency. Find out about facts and resources to meet dependency head on.

What Do You Think?
What is use? What is abuse? Find out!

Individual Differences
Do alcohol and other drugs affect people the same or differently? Can each person always predict the effects?

Signs of Growing Dependency
Learn about the dependency process: tolerance, black-outs, pain and pleasure. Know the difference between drugs being used to enhance a situation versus to block pain associated with illness or injury.

Stories of Dependency
Meet two characters who encounter some problems taking drugs.

Dependency in the Family
What roles do children commonly take within their family when a member is an alcoholic?

Identifying Drug Dependency
How can you tell if a person's problems are related to drug dependency? Biological, social, work, and school-oriented changes may be a sign.

You Bet Your Life
Play a game of chance! Take risks and weigh the dangers when attending a party and making real-life decisions. Take the opportunity to tempt fate and try to “beat the odds;” explore the random results of risky behavior and experience the consequences!

Stay on Track
Are you on track? Make your own decisions about drinking and driving! While some teens escape catastrophe, others taking chances do not. And there always seem to be some consequences...


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