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AOD1-Drug-Free and Cool

AOD 1 Title Screen

AOD 1 Stand Up For Yourself

AOD 1 Stand Up For Yourself


Develop social resistance skills, discover key information to challenge current myths and beliefs about drugs, and explore personal and peer feelings and experiences that teens have everyday. Focus on concerns through discussion and critical thought about the issues.

Featured activities:

Should I?
Get other teen views on the importance of health, friendship, commitments, parents, and experiences in relation to using alcohol and other drugs. Discuss the questions integrated into the dialogue.

Stand Up For Yourself
Use an interactive video format to explore the feelings and importance of standing up in relation to peer pressure. Answer on-screen video questions and think of ways to be your own person and still be cool.

Whiz Quiz
Play an exciting game of chance! Take turns racing ahead to discover hidden squares! As the maze reveals itself, answer random questions about alcohol and other drugs to succeed.


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